god loves ugly


I did paint those shirts! :) If I knew how to screen print though I would have made soooo many.

they’re dope af. you’re hella talented ! daps 👊

I think it’s fortunate that right now we have a pop icon that is not afraid to lose his status. And that’s rare. If you look at the pop icons we’ve had over the last 20 years, they’ve all been people that have had handlers and stylists that help them keep their role in that world of pop icondom. Here we have somebody who is huge and successful, but still is using his place to say the shit he wants to say, for better or for worse.

We have a guy who doesn’t give a fuck. Wait, he gives so much of a fuck that it offends people. I feel like this dude is the most incredible pop icon we’ve ever had. He’s still himself. You already know what Bono is gonna say and do about things. Justin Timberlake? What the fuck does he have to say? Nothing. I’m not trying to diss Justin, but with Kanye, you don’t know what he’s gonna do and say about anything. And I think that’s something we could all use more of.

There’s an edge there, and there’s a truth there with him that freaks people out. They say things like “He’s controlled by his ego.” Get the fuck out of here man. Who isn’t? He’s what happens when you take a regular guy, give him a shitload of talent, and some power.

- Slug from Atmosphere on Kanye West (via arn0ldschwarzenigga)

i somewhat agree. Kanye is oblivious to how big of a douche bag he is, yet i absolutely admire his honesty. we NEED more people like that. people who say what they feel, when they feel, regardless of circumstance. & idgaf what anyone says, Ye is a musical genius. period.

In tomorrow I see no promise
And yesterday was like today

- Atmosphere (like today)


Goodnight, yall


Goodnight, yall

The Pill


Sometimes I sit outside and watch the people walk by. Try to understand why they don’t fly. And other days, I lock myself in my room and let the four corners close in until I’m consumed.

God's Bathroom Floor


"It goes one for the cannabis, and two for your dianetics
Three for your reasoning, and four for those that try to get it
Five for your love, and six for the stress
And seven for the day that I climbed into this mess…”


Slug Tribute // Stencil Spray


Slug Tribute // Stencil Spray

Carry Me Home

He remembers little bit of his childhood
Sometimes bad, sometimes good
But he never was one to blame today’s grey sky on last week’s rain

The Waitress

Look lady, I’m homeless, I’m crazy
I’m so hopeless I’m suicidal daily
If you and I can’t co-exist, let’s fake it
Cause I ain’t got the energy it takes for this relationship